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E-cigarette battery threads

Ecigarette Thread Adapters



The Most Typical Threads

E-cigarette battery threads - The list below contains some of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes and the model types they are compatible with. The most important aspect of compatibility is the connection between the atomizer/cartomizer and the battery. Each of the following types refer to a particular design of that screw-on attachment.

The vast majority of electronic cigarettes on the market now have either 510 or KR808D-1 threads, but are marketed as a brand name with no reference to the standardized connection. Sticking with one of these two makes it very easy to interchange parts and upgrade batteries or accessories. It is probably a good idea to steer clear of any electronic cigarette that does not use one of those standards.


  • Threads on battery are female, threads on atomizer/cartomizer are male.
  • Most eGo/Riva/VGo models have 510 threads, but with outer threads for a cone or larger cartomizer.
  • Also compatible with 306 models.



(often shortened to KR8 or 808)

  • Threads on battery are male, threads on atomizer/cartomizer are female.


E-Cigarette Standards

We are occasionally asked whether our products (batteries, atomizers, cartridges, cartomizers, etc.) will work with another brand of e-cigarette. After all, who wants to spend their hard-earned money on an e-cig product only to discover after it arrives that it doesn’t fit the product you already have. Sure, most reputable e-cig web sites will allow you to return an unused product and will return the money you paid for it. But, it’s still a pain to package it up and ship it back hoping the people you bought it from will actually process a credit to your visa card like they promised, bummer! And, even after you’ve taken care of the return, you have to order something from another web site hoping that it will work better than the first one did. Let’s look into this dilemma and see what we can do for you.

The first part of the problem is that there are no openly published standards specifications for the various e-cig products.
Another part of the problem is that there are about twenty different Chinese manufacturers of e-cigs and it appears that there is very little communication between them. Add to this, the fact that there are a number of different form factors of e-cigs, including (but not limited to) pen style, mini, super mini, full size, cigar, cigarillo, and e-pipe. The most important factor for interoperability, however, is the thread design for the connection between the battery and the atomizer/cartomizer. Most e-cigarettes conform to one of six connection thread specifications. However, just to keep the confusion level up, there are multiple designations of each of these thread specs.

The Basic Six
The six most common connection thread types are 401, 510, 801 (Penstyle), 901, 4081, and E9. So, what is the difference between these? There are three characteristics that determine each of these types: Barrel size (diameter of the threads), thread pitch (the spacing of the threads), and gender of the battery connection (male if the battery screws into the atomizer and female if the atomizer screws into the battery). Here is a table showing these characteristics of the six thread specs.


Thread Spec Barrel Size Thread Pitch Battery Gender Other Names by Which The Standard Is Called
401 7 mm .5 mm male 402, 403
510 7 mm .5 mm female KR808-A, KR808-B, L88B
801 9 mm .75 mm male Penstyle, BE112, DSE801, E11, Joye302, Joye304, KR108, M201, RN112
901 8 mm .75 mm male DSE901, DSE508, DSE568, KR808-D, KR808-D1, RN4075
4081 8 mm .75 mm female DSE103, RN4081
E9 7.5 mm .75 mm male KR808-D2, V0


Product Compatibility

Now, even with all this information, you may still not know what to buy because you don’t know what thread spec the e-cig in your hand conforms to. So, to help you out, here is a list (admittedly incomplete) of e-cigarette products and the thread spec they conform to. Please note: we have not tested the compatibility of all these products. This information is provided based on empirical data and may not be completely accurate.

401: Onlyecig–Smoore

510: blu, eGo, ECI–Storm, ECI–Vapor King, Joye–510, Joye–306, Janty–Dura, LeCig–Boss, Luci, Wicked–Titan, Wicked–Tornado, Modern Vapor–Sidesho, T-Rex, Titan–510, Vapor Kings–eGo, Vapor Kings–eGo-T, Vapor Kings–Joye 510, Volcano–Inferno, Volcano–Magma, Yeti

801: Bogey–Classic, Janty–Kissbox, Njoy–Ncig, Rivo

901: Bedford-Slims, Cig2o, ePuffer, Halo, LeCig–D1, LeCig–PigCig, Premium, Smokeless Image-Volt, SmokeTi, V2-Cigarette, Vapor4Life, Vapor Kings–Mini DSE901, Westflame-Hydro, White Cloud

4081: Apolo Standard, Cloud9, Logic, Njoy–Pro, SafeCig, Smoke51–Trio, SmokeTech, Smoke Stik, Smoking Everywhere-Gold

E9: Bloog, E-Cigs–E-9, ePuffer-EAZE Magnum, Esmoke–Sensation, Green Smoke, LeCig–Vapriot, Loong-Totem, Red Dragon, Smoke51–Duo, South Beach Smoke, Vapure, V9

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